• Basic training

    This training program is conducted online and provides new customers or new service staff with basic training on products, and spray equipment.

  • Intermediate training

    The second level of training provides more detailed knowledge on products and equipment, including products specific characteristics and using method of equipment.

  • Advanced training

    The advanced training focuses on operation ability on spray equipment. Our technician teach you how to operate equipment hand by hand first, and then you operate the equipment on your own. When the course is over, you will be awarded qualification certificate if you pass the test.

Operation training

Air++ provides profession technical training for spray equipment operators by our experienced technician with high-level equipment operation and maintenance skills. The training course covers equipment induction, using introduction, operation teaching lesson hand by hand, personnel spray experiments, and skill test

Our expert-led training sessions ensure that operators master skills to help them operate equipment safely and efficiently so as to maximize job-site productivity.